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Sold a Single Family home in Tiffany Park, Renton, WA.

We can’t recommend Kat enough! She made the process of selling our home as stress-free as it can be. We knew we were going to sell the house but didn’t know exactly when or even where to begin. We’d bought a place at the coast a couple years ago and gradually was making the transition to move to that home as our permanent home. When we were at the house in Renton, Kat happened to be at the neighbors’ house as she had just represented that buyer for his new home and one conversation led to another and the rest is history. From beginning to end she kept us informed of what was happening and during the process of getting it ready to sell guided us along the way. With her as our agent on this home sale, everything went absolutely great. Thanks, Kat

Barbi Smith

Kat, was more to us than a real estate broker.

She went out of her way to help us sell our house at the best price possible. She took really good care of my wife and myself during this emotional up and down time. We are retired and had lived in our house for 25 years. We needed to sell our house fairly quickly so we could move. She organized and helped us go through the overwhelming task of selling a house in today's market. It sold in four days! She was honest and straight forward with what needed to be done. She recommended that we do a pre-inspection which was a huge help in moving things forward; she even reimbursed us for it!

Dave Waddell

Bought a Single Family home Edmonds, WA.

Kat was able to walk us through our first home purchase with little to no stress! She kept in contact with us before we were seriously looking, showing us different styles of homes to help us figure out what we like and constantly rearranging her searches to accommodate our preferences. Once we were fully ready to purchase she helped get us in contact with very reliable contractors, inspectors and loan officers to make the purchase go smoothly. We found our home and closed within 25 days! She has been very helpful and attentive since the purchase as well helping us find other contractors on little projects we decided to take on. All in all, she provided an amazing experience through something that could have been seriously stressful and hard. We recommend her to all of our friends and anyone else looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Seattle area.

Erin Barr

Sold in Lake Stevens We are so thankful that we were referred to Kat when we decided to sell our house!

She was incredible to work worth. Not only did she work tirelessly through complications that arose due to the location of our property, but she also went above and beyond during the staging process. Offering her own decorations and plants for use during the “for sale” period made our home look so beautiful! Kat was always honest about changes that would be best not only for us as the seller, but for the future buyers as well. We know that because of Kat and the partner she used at the time, Kim, our selling experience was the absolute best it could have been! We highly recommend her!

Anna Golike

Bought single family home in Mill Creek and Rental We have been so fortunate to have Kat help us on two properties.

She first helped us secure a very sought-after rental property with 7 people in line to rent. She worked hard to ensure we were successful in our drive to rent, working closely with the property manager to facilitate our application, position ourselves as the strongest renters, and handle subsequent paperwork. Just a few months after moving into our rental property, we decided to purchase the home across the street. Again, Kat did a masterful job of negotiating with the seller through their agent, winning huge concessions that made our purchase possible. Since Kat has so many years of experience and a masters degree in negotiations, we could not have been in better hands for this transaction! Kat did a great job of keeping us informed all along the way, helped us secure a great mortgage through a fantastic mortgage broker, and pulled out all the stops to get to a 10 day closing once negotiations were finalized. We are thrilled that Kat was our representative. Given the complexities of both of these properties, we certainly would not want to have had any other agent working for us. I am convinced we would not have been nearly as successful in either bid with any other agent. Through all of this, Kat has become a good family friend and we see and talk with her regularly now that we are life-long friends. We are blessed to have had her handle these transactions for us, and to enjoy her friendship now.

kristen querriera

Kat was the best!

She guided us through the entire process of selling our home, helped us get things together quickly and kept us in the loop with each and every development. She was eager to have things go exactly according to our wishes, and she delivered 110%, and with a personal touch to make the sale feel uniquely our own. We would recommend her to anyone thinking about buying or selling. She was professional, prompt, and a lot of fun to work with. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed!

Karla Tussing

“Kat is a force of nature!

A delight to work with and a great advocate to have on your side. She knows how to negotiate and close the deal. Always a southern lady, Kat is gracious and has such an upbeat personality. I highly recommend her for selling or buying homes.”

Cindy Shaw

Kat helped me purchase a home in this competitive market, and I have been very impressed by her professional skills as a Real Estate Broker.

She's awesome at finding details on a property, and for looking out for my best interest as a buyer. She also has a very practical sense when it comes to evaluating a home for me. Other agents just seemed to want to "squeeze me" into any property just to make a sale. Not Kat - I am confident she is looking for the right home for me. She has a certain "straight shooter" quality that I find both appealing and comforting.

Reid Heimbeck

My wife and I met Kat in line for paint at Home Depot.

Immediately she proved herself knowledgeable on real estate and provided ideas for selling our ¾ finished property for over a half million. While the challenges with listing an unfinished property were plenty, she never lost her enthusiasm for selling the house. Kat is a hands-on broker, spending time onsite to make sure Buyers understood their options and painting a vision for a home amongst the subflooring and unfinished cabinets. She expertly negotiated the sale of our property and even got us a favorable plot line adjustment. If you are looking for a Broker who takes the time to understand your priorities, knows the market, makes customer service her top priority and really loves to sell houses… look no further than Kat. We highly recommend her.

Rod Soelter

Kat brings to the table a wealth of information, experience, and energy to get the job done.

I have used her as a real estate sounding board and reference.


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