4 Tips to Get the Greatest Return; South Sound Market Report 04.28

Dated: April 28 2021

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Denny Christensen
Helping You Transition From a House to Your Home
Being in Real Estate has it's pros and cons. For me a con has always been life balance. It's really difficult to get away without the risk of losing clients.
Especially in a market like we are today where things are moving very quickly. It
requires you to act fast otherwise the person you are trying to help could
lose an opportunity.
Since I've been in Real Estate this has kept me from taking any real vacations, until now. I just took my son on a bucket list vacation to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. By the way if you have not been, go. Sedona is a beautiful place and the Grand Canyon is an amazing sight.
While on vacation my family suffered a major loss. This hit me pretty hard and made me realize the little time we have in this life. We can get so caught up in work, responsibilities and chasing something that has no end, that we forget to slow down and take time to just enjoy life and make memories.
If there is a trip, get away or even an activity that brings you joy that you have been putting off because you feel you lack the time, just do it. What you lack is the amount of time you have left.
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Homeowners ready to make a move are definitely in a great position to sell today. Housing inventory is incredibly low, driving up buyer competition. This gives homeowners leverage to sell for the best possible terms, and it’s fueling a steady rise in home prices.
In such a hot market, houses are selling quickly. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homes are typically on the market for just 18 short days. Despite the speed and opportunity for sellers, there are still steps you can take to prep your house to shine so you get the greatest possible return.
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Denny Christensen

We empower connection and build community through real estate! Being born and raised in the great South Sound, Denny has vast knowledge of the area and is passionate about serving those living here. ....

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