Would You Make a Decision Based on a 360 Virtual Tour...Yes or No?

Dated: 05/19/2020

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We are always looking to add value to our services. In today's climate of social distancing, taking safety precautions, and stay at home orders, it is especially important to adapt and still provide amazing service. ‚Äč

Part of our efforts to serve our clients we are implementing virtual tours. In the past a virtual tour was simply a video of a home or creatively turing still pictures into a video. Now technology allows us to offer 360 tours. This video is an example of what a 360 tour would look like. In this video I'm walking through my personal residence. You can move the picture 360 degrees utilizing your mouse, fingers if touch screen or on a mobile device simply stand and turn as if you were in the house yourself. 

We are going to use this to highlight homes for sale as well as for our clients that are looking to Buy a home but are unable to physically tour do to stay at home orders, time constraints or simply do to location challenges. 

I would love to get your feedback. Is a 360 tour enough for you to take next steps to move forward with a home? 

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Denny Christensen

We empower connection and build community through real estate! Being born and raised in the great South Sound, Denny has vast knowledge of the area and is passionate about serving those living here. ....

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