Preparing your Home to List for Top Dollar (a checklist)

Dated: 05/20/2019

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How to Prepare Your House to Sell for Top Dollar

Use this checklist to walk through and check what needs to be done.  Better yet, call me today (206-218-8339) and I can walk through WITH you.  We can discuss the pluses and minuses of specific remodel options and your goals in selling.  I can also help you to see the extra items we should write in to the black check mark spots.


c Fresh paint and carpet throughout are ideal.  At least paint over dirty, damaged or bright colored paint with a more neutral tone.

c Replace any burned out light bulbs or non-working light fixtures.

c Fix leaky faucets

c Take care of squeaky doors, difficult closets and jammed drawers

c Make sure your water heater has 2 straps, there is a CO2 detector on each floor, smoke detector in each bedroom, and your septic system will have to be inspected and pumped within 12 months.

c Furnace should show an inspection within 12 months also.

c  __________________________________________________

Clean Inside

c Wax or refinish wooden floors, steam carpets and wash windows

c Dust fixtures, baseboards, furniture, art, and hard to reach places

c In the bathrooms; re-caulk around the tub, toilet and sink 

c Polish metals

c Clean all appliances, inside and out

c Throw away anything in the fridge and pantry you don’t need

c  A professional “move out” cleaning is often well worth the expense

c  __________________________________________________

Clean Outside

c Mow and maintain your lawn

c Pressure wash the sidewalks, house, decks and wash windows

c Clean the roof, make sure there isn’t any moss on it and gutters are working well

c Trim shrubs & trees, remove dead plants and weed gardens around the house

c Fresh wood chips in garden areas will help it to look fresh and clean

c Dust fixtures and remove spider webs from the exterior of your house.

c  __________________________________________________


c Remove photographs and other personal items (Kid art on the refrigerator, replace photo gallery wall with one nice painting)

c Put personal essentials in a nice accessible box (tooth brushes, hair products, phone chargers)

c Take down and replace any built-in items you want to bring with you (light fixtures, door frame with growth marks, special mailbox)

c  __________________________________________________


c Donate, recycle or throw away anything you don’t need

c Clear off all your flat spaces (pack away nick-knacks, file paperwork; clear kitchen counters, nightstands, coffee table, bathroom counters, dresser tops)

c Remove all but the minimum needed furniture and minimum needed items in all your closets and cabinets

c Consider renting a storage unit for items and furniture you don’t need

c Do Not just hide things in a closet.  The closets and garage need to be decluttered also.

c  __________________________________________________

Organize and Stage

c Straighten the items on your shelves and in cabinets (pantry, book cases, kitchen and bathroom cabinets)

c Organize your closets

c In the garage, similar sized boxes with lids or identical plastic tubs looks more appealing than mismatched boxes and loose items

c Calling a professional stager for a consultation can help you do the best with your belongings

c  _________________________________________________

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